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The Republican Party


Maryland’s Legislative District 15

Welcomes You 


Springtime in western Montgomery County


Issues, candidates and events of interest for the voters of:

Potomac, North Potomac, Darnestown, Seneca,

Poolesville, Barnesville, Bethesda*, Boyds, Beallsville,

Dickerson, Clarksburg, and Germantown*

*In part

  1. Allen Weaver permalink

    Even if the creek rises, I will be there along with my wife and a friend. Allen Weaver

  2. Mike Philips permalink

    We need every Republican to vote this year. If we get a strong turnout in this election, we can win. I will be there. Like Allen Weaver said, “Even if the creek rises, I will be there along with my wife and a friend.” It is time for everyone to vote. Let’s make this the first year in a long time when we see a Republican in the state legislature from LD 15 and Montgomery County.

  3. Amen. We have our candidates, now let’s discuss the issues and hold our current Legislators (all Democrats) accountable for not listening to us. Let’s all pledge to be tolerant of others’ views on the social issues and not to get distracted from voting just because our issue is not at the top of one or more of our candidates’ agenda.

  4. Gary Featheringham permalink

    Fully agree. Let’s get some conservative voices into Maryland’s one party government. Time to get all involved.

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